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It has (again) been a super long time since I wrote anything here. As I mentioned some time ago, there was an issue with Google and it really sucked the wind out of my publishing sails, as it were. I literally had to go through every one of the thousands of articles and edit them, and it really just turned me off to writing.

And then there is the privacy issue for the boys. They (some more than others, ahem) got pretty hostile about my writing about them. I agreed that they had a point and decided to pull back on the details.

But I couldn’t really figure out how to write in a genuine fashion without offending them. So I waited for inspiration to strike.

I wouldn’t say that I’m wildly inspired, but I am anxious to actually write again and I think that if I just refer to people as “this boy” or “that boy” without being specific, I can please everyone. To a point. I do have boys in late teens/early twenties, so usually I’m in hot water with them.

Which brings me to my latest observation. This whole parenting of older children thing is HARD. No one told me to expect that! I had an idea in my head that they’d get to a certain age and we’d all hold hands and be friends.

Not so much.

I do get along with them, but boy oh boy do we have….disagreements sometimes. For example: I think people of a certain age should be employed. Turns out not everyone in this house agrees.

There is some kind of fantasy that they all hold that the perfect experience in life involves not having ANY responsibilities at all. This is fine if you’re on vacation. From your JOB! But not so fine if that’s how you think every day should be.

I don’t know if they realize that that’s what they’re hoping for. But trust me. That’s what they’re hoping for. I am currently waging a battle with the younger ones on this point. They both think that the last summer before senior year should not involve work. I think it should involve earning some spending money for next year. We’ll see who wins this one.

Well, I’ll try to get back and say more soon. I do enjoy writing here.