Help Your Anxious Child Grow Up Brave

Growing Up Brave is a new book by Dr. Donna Pincus, PhD. Dr. Pincus is a recognized expert in childhood anxiety. This book is a wonderful resource for parents because it teaches how to identify, understand, and move through childhood anxiety. According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, anxiety disorders affect one in eight […]

Art Therapy for ADHD and Anxious Children

Raising children is hard enough, but raising children with ADHD and anxiety problems can be downright nerve-wracking. We simply aren’t taught how to communicate with a child who has such difficulties, since adults often gradually move away from the mindset of children and struggle to connect with kids who are anxious or have ADHD. Luckily, […]

Calm in the Storm

I’ve been feeling weighted down quite a bit lately, Internets. I’ve all sorts of things to tell you and thoughts to share, but I look at the latest headlines and get distracted and start reading and then I get a bit stressed. Anyone else feeling that way? ‘Cause phew! It’s crazy out there. This isn’t […]

What’s on Your Guilt List?

I haven’t been posting a great deal this week.  There’s nothing wrong, I’m just recovering from the family trip we took last week to Virgina.  There’s lots to tell, and I promise I’ll start writing again tomorrow. I’ve been working my fingers to the bone making a few changes to the site here, and I […]

A Bumpy 3rd Week of School

We survived week 3, but it was a rocky one. Okay.  So last week started out just awful.  Monday I told the boys that their spelling books were going to arrive on Tuesday after being on backorder.  Last year, spelling took us about ten or fifteen minutes per day.  No big deal.  Tuesday the FedEx […]

First Day of the New School Year: We Survived

Well.  I knew the boys were anxious about starting school again, but I had no idea how anxious.  It all started with getting them out of bed about an hour earlier than they are accustomed.  Turns out a certain brilliant (ahem) individual made a doctor’s appointment for Captain Earthquake at 7:45 am.  Oh.  Did I […]