The Process; Determining the Best Way to De-Stress with a Hobby

I needed to find a way to blow off some steam. Like all of us, I know about the standard recommended stress-busters; exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, etc. Like some of us, I actually do many of those things, but I find one component is still missing. Just like homework, housework, and the work […]

5 Great Reasons To Take Photos Of Your Kids

(Editor’s note: please welcome Melissa Cameron, writing about photography, kids, and a little blackmail I know I’m planning to perpetrate when the boys get older. Thanks Melissa!) Often times, kids don’t want to be photographed. They think it’s dull and useless to take them either by themselves or with people. For us adults, photos are […]

When You Feel Like You’re Drowning

Around here, it seems like September is the month for just drowning in stress. With the new school schedule, there are always changes. On top of that, the boys usually aren’t fond of transitioning from summer break back to schoolwork anyway. So we all struggle. We’re talking about it over in my post at GNMParents […]

When Monkeys Throw Wrenches*

So. Remember when I fell down skiing and hurt my knee?   I actually did quite a bit of damage:  tore 3 ligaments and the meniscus, contused the bones, and developed a blood clot in my leg.  Impressive, eh? I aim to please. After walking with crutches and wearing a brace for several weeks, I have […]

When There’s Too Much To Do

When there’s too much to do, that’s when you scream, right? Okay, maybe that’s not the best choice. I guess we’ll go with option two: buckle down and focus on the ol’ ToDo list. There’s actually been some progress there, and that’s encouraging. We’ve got some craziness over the next several weeks with soccer and […]

Snow Day

One of the beauties of homeschooling is the ability to control the calendar. (It’s a curse, too, but we can discuss that another day.) Today we’re having a snow day. Granted, all the local schools took their snow day yesterday. But hey! Better late than never, eh? Besides, we needed it today. Life has been […]