Helps me Label and Organize Life

I’m a person who loves to be organized. It makes me feel…more settled. Clutter stresses me out. That said, I’m also the mother of 4 boys who seem to have very little difficulty living with clutter. Plus, we’re just so darn busy around here, and it’s easy to let stuff pile up. Battling that clutter […]

Make the World Better by Joining the Donate Movement

The Donate Movement is an initiative that helps in two ways. It helps you get your house decluttered, and helps people in your local community with jobs. I had a chance to interview Lorie Marrero, the national spokesperson for Goodwill® and ambassador for the Donate Movement. Lorie is a professional organizer helping people get decluttered […]

How To Be Happy, Part 2

To continue what TechnoBoy and I discussed about being happy, the second rule is to hold lightly to the good things in life. What I mean by that is that at any time, life can be turned completely upside down. Just because we have a nice house doesn’t mean that will be true tomorrow. A […]