How to Negotiate the Best Deal on a College Education

It’s a topic that will significantly impact both your child and your bank account: how to negotiate the best deal on a college education. Most parents take this subject lightly, and figure whatever the schools end up offering them is the best that they will get. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you […]

Could Your Child Have Autism?

The statistic is staggering: 1 out of every 88 children is being diagnosed with autism, which means more than one million children in the United States are currently affected by the disorder. The medical costs for families who have a child with autism are astronomical, and in the United States, $126 billion are spent annually […]

He’s Still True to the Nickname

I was discussing braces with the older boys this morning, and The Mercenary asked how much braces usually cost. I told him, “Around five thousand dollars.” “Five THOUSAND?????” he exclaimed. “All you need is a paper clip and some glue!” Image courtesy of LateNightTaskForce via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved. By the way, we’re […]