Sometimes as a Parent, You Lose Control of the Conversation

So yesterday near the end of the day I sank gratefully into my oh-so-amazing couch under a delicious pile of blankets and called the dogs to come snuggle with me. As a side note, I have to tell you: I LOVE this couch. We got it last summer. It’s a 2-piece sectional, and it’s big […]

What Do Men Do With Gifts?

Yesterday I published a quick piece suggesting some gifts for husbands, and I couldn’t resist this infographic detailing what men actually do with the gifts we give them. (Hat tip to The Dollar Shave Club for this one.)  Click on the image to see a larger size.

How to Annoy an 8-Year-Old

Having a little fun today…one of the great rewards of parenting is being ever so slightly irritating. Heh. Or maybe that’s just my twisted sense of humor. 1. When they go into a bathroom shout, “Hit the water!!!” 2. Let their older siblings stay home while they have to accompany you to the store 3. […]

FFYF: Bendy Knee Edition

Good Friday, Internets! Welcome to our Bendy Knee Edition of Fun For Your Friday. I say Bendy Knee because that’s exactly what I’ve been working on lately. Yup, the Knee that Will Not Bend is beginning to cooperate! I dodged a bullet this week when some medical professionals recommended that I undergo something called a […]

FFYF: What? Nothing Edition

Hubby walked into the basement yesterday, leaned down and whispered in my ear: “Call The Mercenary and when he says ‘yes’, you say ‘nothing’.” I have to admit, Internets, that I found this very confusing.  Was I to say nothing?   Or to say “Nothing”?   Soooooo, I said, “Hey Mercenary.” He said, “What?” I said, “Nothing.” […]

FFYF: 12th Birthday Edition

Happy day, Internets!  This Friday we’re celebrating the 12th (eek!!) birthday of my older boys.  Hard to believe that they’re only a year away from beeing teenagers. As much as they drive me crazy, it’s still going too fast. I woke them up by singing Happy Birthday to You. Then I got the younger boys […]