6 Ideas to Make Travelling Easier for Expectant Mothers

Being an expectant mom during the holidays can be exhilarating. However, the mayhem of seasonal preparations can be exhausting and challenging. If you must also travel during this time, you might find the physical demands of being pregnant overwhelming. Upon doctor’s approval, be sure to create a travel plan that promotes comfort and is responsive […]

Traveling With Kids – What You Need To Know

Remember the good old days when you could throw a few things into an overnight bag and run off for a quick weekend escape? If you’re a parent, your answer is probably, “No. No, I don’t!” Having kids means an end to spontaneity and impetuousness, but you know what? That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. […]

Kumon Helps with Back to School Transitions

(Editor’s note: please welcome Sarah from Kumon.com with some suggestions for easing the transition back to school. Thanks, Sarah!) Smooth Transitions With shorter days approaching and summer vacations ending, it is time to prepare for a new school year! During summer months, children can lose some of the structure and routine that accompanies the school […]

Traveling With Kids and Without Stress

(editor’s note: Today we have a guest post from Alisa Gilbert. Please comment make her feel welcome!) Traveling with kids can be a challenge, to say the least. But it’s a great opportunity for families to bond and for parents to show children the wonders of the world outside their own back yard. These family […]