Let Me Tell You How I Handle Candy at Easter

So, Easter was just a few days ago.  Did the boys get much in the way of Easter candy on Sunday? Nope.  I didn’t give them a thing.  Grandma gave them each a chocolate cross on Saturday, but that was it. The great thing is, they didn’t complain at all! That happens when kids get […]

6 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Boys’ Room

Boys’ bedroom: Farmhouse Kids by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Robert M. Cain, Architect By Jane Blanchard Creating a room for your little man can be a fun and rewarding process — boys’ rooms don’t have to be a mess of dirty socks and random sports stuff. Let’s take a look at some seriously inspiring rooms […]

Easter Fun for All the Family

With the children at home, there are a lot of hours to fill and being imaginative and positive on these long days can be tiring. There are however lots of things that you can get the little ones involved with that will give you some time to sit back and simply have fun with them: […]

Say Cheese: Tips for Taking Family Photos You’ll be Proud to Display

In the age of instant gratification and viral images on the Internet, everyone has probably had the pleasure of seeing disastrous family photos posted on social media sites. It seems to happen on a daily basis; you log on to your favorite social media site and someone has tagged a friend’s terrible family photo or […]

Teach Me How: 6 Tricks to Teach Your Kids How to Tie Their Shoes

Teaching your children how to tie their shoes can be a very memorable moment as a parent. This essential skill is one of the iconic examples of parents sharing their knowledge and experiences with their children. Luckily, there are several tips that you can use to help your child grasp this concept. Use Different Colored […]

My New House, My New Home: Moving Cross-Country with Your Kids

Some of us have been there before. You just got a major promotion or lucrative new job. You need to be near family or are moving to be close to family and friends you previously left behind. Your current neighborhood is unsafe or otherwise unsuitable, so you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to move to […]