Child Safety Tips for the Holidays

Most children are looking forward to celebrate holiday season. Kids love unwrapping gifts, eating sumptuous food and visiting friends/relatives. Thus, they wait patiently for Christmas every year. Children’s laughter and giggles are priceless. They can easily brighten up their surrounding even with a simple smile. Every Christmas, it is a tradition to give presents especially […]

Holding the Line in Parenting: Help for the Weary Multitudes

There are days when the demands requests that the children make seem endless. Just now, TechnoBoy entertained me with a doozy. He wants to mix dish soap and water together, then churn up a lot of bubbles. From there, he will somehow use a can of hairspray to either fill the bubbles with the spray […]

Are Your Kids Fire-Proof?

We had a pretty exciting evening here at Earnest Parenting. Some couples from church have been getting together at Jason and Sally’s* house on Sunday evenings for a Bible study on marriage. The kids play in the basement while Sally’s 18 year-old-sister Nicole watches her two young children (and supervises the rest of the gang […]