Prepare Your Pets for Disaster

This just in from Olivia, my buddy at the ASPCA. September happens to be National Preparedness Month and it couldn’t be timelier. We at the ASPCA have teamed up with meteorologist Ginger Zee to ask that pet owners in all parts of the country prepare for their pets in the event of a natural disaster: […]

How to Childproof Your Home

How to Childproof Your Home The little one is coming and your first task, besides showering it with love, is to keep it safe and sound. At first, your home might just be the safest place you can think of. And it probably is, if you are a grown up. However, think twice and look […]

Summer Safety Solutions: Five Tips for Keeping Kids Safe This Year

The kids are looking forward to summer vacation, and parents are worrying about keeping their little ones safe. It’s important to remember that the summer weather does come with some unique threats, but it’s easy to prepare for them ahead of time. Follow these five tips to ensure that your kids stay safe even while […]

Safety First: 7 Items You May Need To Upgrade To Keep Your Family Safe

Your family is important, and their safety should never be taken for granted. You can update many things around your home to make sure that your family is well taken care of. If you prepare in advance for potential hazards, you can be confident that your family is as secure as possible. Here are six […]

Accidents Will Happen

Every parent knows that children are at high risk for injuries – bumps and bruises are often part of the daily routine. Car crashes; drowning, accidental poisoning, fires, falls, and suffocation are some of the most prevalent causes of serious injury in children. Accidents will happen, even when parents have taken every safety precaution. Though […]

How to Teach Kids About Social Privacy Settings

We live in a world where most everything is public and every aspect of our lives can be accessed online, thanks to social media. Whether this is a good or bad thing all depends on what is posted and who it is shared with. As adults, we are better equipped to handle these decisions ourselves. […]