Long Distance Parenting:
How Your Children Will Still Know You Despite the Distance

Long distance relationships are not only limited to the romantic or friendly kind. Long distance parenting is another reality of our modern world, especially for those parents who only want the best for their children. Kids growing up without really knowing one or both parents is becoming common due to the fact that work is […]

With Skype, Families Stay Together

You’ve heard of Skype, right? It’s an online phone service, really. Skype is versatile, allowing for instant message-type conversations, audio and even video conferencing. I’ve used it myself every now and again. My favorite use of Skype is for family get-togethers. A little over a year ago, we were celebrating Hubby’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. […]

Keeping Family Close

(Editor’s note: Please welcome Caitlin Douglass, who has some experience with long-distance family relationships and some strategies for staying close to relatives you don’t see as often as you’d like.) When you hear the words conference call, you most likely immediately think of a business call. You probably picture a bunch of people sitting around […]