Five Helpful House Cleaning Tips For Parents of Toddlers

Cleaning the house when you have toddlers around can be challenging to say the least. Ironically, toddlers are the source of most of the messes in your home and also the reason it is so difficult to clean. Rest assured, parents of toddlers, just follow these helpful tips to get your house clean and orderly […]

I Just Want To Be On the Same Team

After spending a relaxing weekend away, you would think I’d come back all patient and have some stress-free time with the boys.  This especially because the younger boys are visiting Grandma (and doing school with her) this week. Nope. Today hasn’t been difficult because I haven’t asked them to do much.  We have a monthly […]

Thoughts on Messy Rooms

I am a person who is obsessed with keen on order. Most of life is manageable because I follow my own little rules and systems. For example: when I take off the puppy’s collar, I set it on the dresser near the garage door. Then whenever I need to take her out, I know exactly […]