Suggestions of Cell Phones for Kids

When you think of buying a cell phone for your kid, ask yourself a question what it will be used for. If the main purpose is communication, then it is probably the high time to buy one for your child, nevertheless, there are some restrictions to be made at any age. When children reach 10 […]

Spring is Here! 4 fun Springtime Outfit Ideas For Your Daughter

Spring has sprung! Time to ditch those winter boots and coats and slip into something more comfortable (and fashionable)! No one is more excited about shaking the Winter blues than children. Little girls are especially excited about all of the fun and pretty clothes that hit the shelves. They love to dress up and receive […]

Leaving Your Kids In Charge For The First Time: 5 Tips For A Smooth Experience

The idea of allowing your children to stay home alone can cause you to be anxiety ridden, but there are considerations to make and suggestions to take to make the experience smooth for everyone involved. As you make your decision, remember that 12 is the rule of thumb age when most adults feel safe leaving […]

6 Ideas to Keep a Pre-teen Enjoying Reading

I truly believe that a child’s love and competence in reading is the responsibility of the parents. Of course I am not including dyslexia, but even in these children a love of books can and should be fostered. Introducing babies as young as 3 months old is ideal. Clearly these will be cloth picture books, […]

What Should I Tell My Pre-Teen About Alcohol and Drinking?

If you’re concerned about how to discuss alcohol with your pre-teen, you’re not alone. Many parents are nervous about beginning the conversation regarding alcohol and drug use, but the truth is: the more comfortable you seem towards your child, the more comfortable they will feel with sharing their experiences with you. In reality, you’ve already […]

Does Texting Hurt Kids’ Grammar Skills

I have to say, I don’t think we’ll truly know the answer to whether texting is harmful to grammar for a while yet. I’d say there is good reason to be concerned, but also reason for hope. JMHO. 🙂 Thanks to the good folks at for the infographic. Earnest Parenting: help for parents of […]