Balancing Being a Parent and Being a Friend

(Editor’s note: a big thank you to Elaine for her insights on balanced parenting here. Thanks Elaine!) How children are parented will affect them for the rest of their lives. As primary caregivers, parents are responsible for the physical, emotional and psychological welfare of their children. Yet parents need to be wary of sweeping statements […]

The Obesity Epidemic in Children

(Please welcome Laura with some startling conclusions about childhood obesity. Thanks, Laura!) By now, we all know that obesity is causing health problems left and right for children and adults alike. But a recent study revealed that in addition to the obvious health implications, obesity is also causing peer problems with children. Over 3,300 children […]

Helping Your Child Overcome A Dental Phobia

(Editor’s note: Please welcome Richard, with some advice on how to deal with childhood phobias. Thanks, Richard!) It’s a part of life. Everyone has one. If that is all you say to comfort a child with a phobia, it may be time to try a different way to help them conquer their fears. Some phobias, […]

Artistically Gifted: What to Do When Your Child Shows Exceptional Ability

(Editor’s note: please welcome Susan’s post on how to parent exceptional children. Thanks Susan!) Parents with talented children seem to fall into two very distinct categories. They turn into Godzilla, push their children far too hard, and end up the subject of a tell-all book and/or miniseries years later. Or they swing the other way, […]

Financial Guide When Planning a Family

(Editor’s note: please welcome Chris with some suggestions for managing finances in advance of having children. Thanks Chris!) If you are expecting a baby in the coming months or planning to start a family, there are financial matters you’ll need to consider. When the baby arrives you will have additional expenses to deal with. If […]

Teachable Moments: Setting Financial Goals With Kids

There are many moments in life when you can best teach a particular concept to your child; when they’re more receptive to your instruction. As parents, we look for those moments and use them as often as we can. Let’s face it, sometimes getting a child’s attention can be difficult these days. With so much […]