CleRenda McGrady Helps Parents with Advice Vlog

Ever heard of seven-time All Star NBA star Tracy McGrady? Well, his wife CleRenda is a parenting expert. Host of the webshow “Parenting to Win,” CleRenda’s parenting advice centers around raising children to be entitlement-free, grounded champions in life. I checked out a few of her videos on YouTube and really liked them. CleRenda clearly […]

Parenting Link Roundup: April, 2012

Welcome to the April 27, 2012 edition of parenting link roundup! Because the site had some troubles last month, I wasn’t able to publish this list in March. So there are a TON of great articles below. Enjoy. Cecily Paterson presents 20 ways to be a better parent posted at Cecily.Mostly.. Nancy Parker presents […]

Picking the Right Puppy for Your Kids

A dog can be a wonderful companion for a family. When children grow up alongside a puppy, he becomes in some ways a major source of joy, comfort, and stability. The key, however, is choosing the right kind of puppy for your family. There are a number of factors you need to take into account. […]

Why Parents Might Want to Choose Homeschooling

For those who might be thinking that home schooling is just another silly concept for learners, there is more to it. Some are of the opinion that social isolation takes root in home schooling. However, researchers have enough figures and proof indicating the fact that home schooling is very much in trend and learners have […]

Do We Overthink Our Parenting?

Whether or not I’m a good Mom is very important, both to me and ultimately to my kids. Heck, it’s important to my future grandkids as well. If you go to a bookstore and look in the family section, you can find a LOT of books on parenting. Just type the word parenting into a […]

Work Together (As a Family) to Lose Weight

This is an article written by Richard from the gastric band surgery website; he hopes you work as a family and it doesn’t come to these kinds of lengths to get your family in shape. He awaits your visit @thefreshhealth on Twitter. Many people are trying to drop weight and want their entire family to […]