Make a Shortbread House Your Children Will Love to Eat

Are you looking for fun cooking games? Why not try making a delicious, yet penny-wise, shortbread house with your kids? It’ll be a perfect opportunity for you to let your kids’ creativity flow – they’ll just love decorating the roof, door and windows of this shortbread house! Here is a quick and easy way to […]

How To Get Your Boy Interested in Cooking

(Editor’s note: please welcome Jocelyn who clearly knows what it takes to get boys interested in cooking. Thanks Jocelyn!) We all know how insanely romantic it is when we were asked out on a date and the man not only knew the difference between basil and balsamic but offered to actually cook us a meal […]

FFYF: Escape from the Heat Edition

Good Friday, heroes! I hope you’re surviving all this heat all right. We had 2 days that were downright pleasant, then it rained like crazy and now the heat and humidity are right back up to blechy now. Blechy…that’s the technical term you know. Stay cool! Welcome to the July 29, 2011 edition of fun […]

A Recipe for Fun: Cooking With Your Preschool Child

(Editor’s note: please welcome a guest post on cooking from Emily and Kathleen. Cooking with kids is a great thing to do. Thanks, ladies!) Bubbling pots, sizzling skillets and delicious smells can make the kitchen the most desirable place for children to want to play. However, it can be the most dangerous place for them […]

Making Applesauce With Kids

My weekly post is up over at ForeverParenting.  Today, I wrote my recipe for applesauce that the kids and I use each year. One of our family fall traditions is making applesauce together. The kids have enjoyed some trips to the apple orchard in the past; to be honest though, I’m usually on a massive […]

Preparing Pumpkin

The boys are incredibly fond of pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, especially if it’s home made. I cooked and froze my own pumpkin a couple of years ago and it worked out really well so I just did it again today. First, I bought pie pumpkins. These are smaller than your typical Hallowe’en Jack O’Lantern. […]