5 Things You Need to Know About Raising a Teenage Boy

Raising teenagers is a challenge, and teenage boys can seem particularly baffling to parents. Understanding boys’ motivations is essential for meeting their needs and raising well-adjusted children. They Love a Mess Messiness is significant for teens who use disorder to cope with rapid changes in their lives. Messy rooms are also a way for teenage […]

7 Tips for Teaching Children Pool Safety

I love my kids, and want them to have a lot of fun at our family swimming pool. But bless them, they sometimes just don’t pay attention to dear old Mom when it comes to the safety. They just want to go splash and play.  So I’ve had to be creative at times to get […]

How To Be Happy, Part One

TechnoBoy and I were talking about happiness the other day, and he made an interesting comment to the effect of, “If I were born a prince, then my life would be perfect.” I disagreed, explaining that while there are advantages to being a prince such as being wealthy, having people who will clean your room […]

Comment Policy

I don’t have an official comment policy or terms of service for this site. It’s something I’ve thought about many times, but haven’t quite decided exactly how to word things. This is now higher on my priority list, based on some of the things people have had to say in the past few days. I […]