Building a Better Student: The Death of Ego

There comes a time as a parent when you transition from coddler and cheerleader to adult life coach. That means you become a messenger, bearing news from the real world. It catches many young people by surprise, and the fallout can be intense. A friend of mine – we’ll call her Patty – is a […]

The Effects of the Father-Daughter Relationship on Self-Esteem

All of our relationships throughout our lives effect our self esteem. As early as childhood, all of our friendships on the playground up to our work relationships with our bosses will shape and mold our opinions of ourselves, no matter how hard we might try to make it not that way. Parental relationships, of course, […]

Name Art That’s Fun For Kids
(And Grownups Too)

(Editor’s note: please welcome Elise with a very creative guest post today. Thanks Elise!) Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in the English language. – Dale Carnegie The names we are given can be life defining. We may love or hate our names; they may come with […]

Are Contact Lenses Safe for Children?

Nowadays, the wearing of glasses do not appear, on the surface, to have much stigma attached to it. The vast array of colorful, trendy, glamorous frames can even make some children welcome the prospect. Times have changed since, for example, the 1970’s where the only choices were black or brown. There have also been scientific […]

What’s Your Control Freak Factor?

I had an interesting conversation with a father the other day. His boys are ages 3 and 5, and the dad was telling me how much his sons love to help set the table at mealtime. Both boys are pretty passionate about it, to the point that if an adult carries a plate or cup […]

7 Ways To Compliment a Child

This is my weekly post on compliments at Forever Parenting. Have a great day everyone! I’ve been working on improving my relationship with the boys, especially the older ones. February is a difficult month with the cloudy cold days…just blah in general. It’s easy for us to get on each others’ nerves and that’s a […]