Five Fun and Frugal Family Traditions to Start on Thanksgiving

Rather than letting the kids veg out in front of the television or computer, watching holiday specials and eating food reserved for-or leftovers from-Thanksgiving dinner, start some fun traditions that you can carry on year after year, generation after generation. Go Back to the Books Chances are, many family members (kids and adults) don’t remember […]

Teaching to Give

There’s an old joke about how a two-year-old views the world: If I’m playing with it, it’s mine. If I set it down and you pick it up, it’s mine. If you walk into the room with it and I like it, it’s mine. And so on. Because this mine-mine-mine mentality seems so fiercely ingrained […]

One Million Arrows

Do you have a vision for your children to change the world? What do you want your children to be doing with their lives when they’re adults? I don’t mean career-wise. I mean in life. This is a serious question; one that both Hubby and I have considered off and on over the years. A […]

Endeavor Printing

Good Thursday, Internets! Today we have a post from Aleya of Endeavor Printing. Aleya is a mom who started a small printing business with her husband. They’ve worked very hard to create some great services for people. Check out her note at the end of the post for a special coupon! Five years ago, my […]