5 Tricks to Get Kids to Smile in Family Photos

Just thinking about having a family photo taken is enough to give some parents headaches. Chances are these are the parents whose children are either camera shy, or their child simply cannot sit still for a photo to be taken. There are a few tricks that parents can use though, that can help make the […]

FFYF: Mild Winter Edition

Hullooooo, Heroes! Today I bring you a bit of fun for your Friday, while we enjoy a relatively mild winter so far. We’ve only had a week or so of cold and snow, yay! That’s definitely worth a smile in my book. I don’t like cold. Welcome to the January 20, 2012 edition of fun […]

FFYF: ArtPrize Edition

Hello, Heroes! Today I am taking the younger boys to the city of Grand Rapids to see some of ArtPrize, an amazing art competition that was begun here 3 years ago. Essentially, the public gets to vote for the artwork and choose the winner. This is offensive to some, as they don’t believe the public […]

FFYF: Escape from the Heat Edition

Good Friday, heroes! I hope you’re surviving all this heat all right. We had 2 days that were downright pleasant, then it rained like crazy and now the heat and humidity are right back up to blechy now. Blechy…that’s the technical term you know. Stay cool! Welcome to the July 29, 2011 edition of fun […]

FFYF: Fall Colors Edition

Good Friday, Friends! Ready for some fun? For today’s Fun For Your Friday I bring you a lovely photo I found on Flickr. Fall is my favorite time of year, especially because of the brilliant colors that surround us. I did not take this photo, but lokidude99 did and it was so gorgeous I just […]

FFYF: Upside Down Homeschool Edition

Welcome again to Friday, Internets! I’m still here, plugging along after 3 straight days of physical therapy. And may I say…ouch? As well as….this isn’t really fun? One of my assignments is to try and bend the Knee That Will Not Bend by strapping on an ankle weight and letting gravity help me along. I […]