Take Home That Blue Ribbon: 5 Science Projects That Really Wow

Science experiments are a wonderful way to engage children in active learning. Whether you are looking for a new ideas for a school project or just a fun summer project to inspire the kids. Here, we consider five great science projects: 1) Put Gravity to the Test! What? Penny, 1-inch wide strip of stiff paper […]

Outdoor Activities to Keep Kids Moving this Summer

Summer is the perfect time for your kids to get outside and have some fun, rather than sitting inside and watching the 3 hours of TV that the average child in the United States watches. This summer, introduce your kids to a wide variety of activities. As they discover which ones they most enjoy, encourage them to […]

Saturday Link Roundup

I frequently get emails from people letting me know of interesting articles and blog posts that they’d like me to share, so today I’m sharing some! Candice says: I just published an article on my site entitled Balancing Babies and Books: Best Resources for College Students With Kids and it’s a helpful guide for busy […]