Christmas Crafting Tools for the Novice

This Christmas season, you’ve decided to do something completely different. All the past years have not only entailed buying presents, but purchasing some new decorations. You may have noticed at a neighbor’s Christmas party down the street last year that he had some of the exact same decorations as you. It may be cool stuff, […]

Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student: Are You Ready for the New Family Member?

When you signed up to host an exchange student, you were probably filled with excitement, eager to teach and to learn. But as your student’s arrival draws nearer, you may be feeling some anxiety. Are you ready for this? Your foreign exchange student will be anxious, too, so to help you both get through the […]

Outdoor Activities to Keep Kids Moving this Summer

Summer is the perfect time for your kids to get outside and have some fun, rather than sitting inside and watching the 3 hours of TV that the average child in the United States watches. This summer, introduce your kids to a wide variety of activities. As they discover which ones they most enjoy, encourage them to […]

Apartment-Hunting Tips: How to Avoid Moving your Family to a Nightmare Rental

It’s a fact of life: finding a perfect apartment for your family is nearly impossible. Compromises are inevitable – like settling for a smaller apartment in order to live in the best neighborhood. But when it comes to the functionality, comfort and safety of a new apartment, prospective families should decide what factors are non-negotiable. […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for You & your Family

Spring has sprung, and as you welcome rising temperatures and more sunshine it’s a natural time of the year to want your home to feel renewed and refreshed, too. But working moms don’t necessarily have the time or desire to spend a full day or more getting the house in tip-top shape. The following tips […]

Piercing with a Plan: Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Daughter’s Ears Pierced

Although some parents choose to put off piercing their little girls’ ears until they’re old enough to care for them on their own, others prefer to get it over with early so they can have fun accessorizing tiny outfits for years to come. Every parent will have an opinion on when exactly a child should […]