A Look at How Teaching Methods Have Changed

I thought you might enjoy a look at how some things in education have changed over the past hundred years. Image source: www.topeducationdegrees.org Earnest Parenting: help for parents who are thinking about education.

Building A Better Student: The Perfect Forecast

I live in beautiful Colorado, where the weather forecast is a really – really – big deal to people. I base this on the outrage and gnashing of teeth over a recently forecasted blizzard that never developed. The expected foot of snow turned out to be more like four inches, and boy, did the television […]

Win the “When Will I Ever Need THIS??” Argument With Your Child

I am SO going to use this graphic for time to come whenever the boys demand to know why learning particular subjects is important. Genius! Thanks to BestMastersInEducation.com for the infographic. Earnest Parenting: help for parents who want to win arguments.

6 Strategies That Can Improve Learning

Teaching is more than a profession – it’s a lifestyle. The best teachers are those that honestly want the kids in their classroom to learn and so do everything they can to make it possible. However, not all children learn in the same way. That’s why it’s vital that teachers adapt their teaching methods to […]

Tips for Better Parent-Teacher Communication

I’ve been a teacher for several years, and I’m also a parent of three, so I can say with some measure of authority what’s wrong with parent-teacher communication these days, and how it can be made better. Parents, of course, are very concerned about how their children are doing in school, and teachers want their […]

Keep Close Contact With Teachers via ClassroomMate.com

I got an email recently from Angela, and she shared with me a new site she created to help keep better track of her daughter’s classroom activities. It’s called ClassroomMate.com, and it’s a secure online portal for teachers and parents to communicate. I checked it out, and wow! It’s a really neat idea. Each classroom […]