Monday Giveaway Linky: The Well-Rested Edition

Good Monday, Heroes! I usually try very hard to get this linky published on Sunday evening. However, I was very tired this weekend. Very. Tired. And so? I did not turn on the computer. I did, however, sleep a lot. This is a good thing. Even though now I am sorely late with the linky. […]

Welcome Home, Baby: 3 Items Parents Need for the First Week Home

During the nine months you spend waiting on your baby to arrive, there’s a lot of planning and daydreaming taking place. You plan your nutrition, the nursery colour scheme and the fastest route to the hospital. You daydream about what your little one is going to look like, and how it will feel to hold […]

3 Ways Moms Can Get More

Taking care of yourself is important, but you have to make time in your life for it. Most moms have given up trying to make space in their schedules for doing the things they love, whatever that may be. You may find yourself looking for more time to get everything done, shirking your needs to […]

Holding the Line in Parenting: Help for the Weary Multitudes

There are days when the demands requests that the children make seem endless. Just now, TechnoBoy entertained me with a doozy. He wants to mix dish soap and water together, then churn up a lot of bubbles. From there, he will somehow use a can of hairspray to either fill the bubbles with the spray […]


Oh. My. Goodness. This week was CRAZY for me. Sunday we took the older boys to camp for the week. This was about 45 miles round trip. Monday morning I took the younger ones up north and handed them off to my in-laws, then scooted over to a town nearby to help a friend with […]