I’ve Been Teaching Again!

Heroes, I’ve been doing something really neat for the last several months: teaching again! Specifically, I’m working for a company called VIPKID. I teach Chinese children how to speak English. Do I speak Chinese myself? Nope. Not yet. I’m going to start learning Mandarin shortly though. (I have plans.) Because VIPKID is an immersion program, […]

Bored Kids? Help Them Find a New Hobby Through Tutoring

Your kids can be human tornadoes: they run all over the house, jump on the bed, squeal, don’t listen to you, and fling food and other toy objects everywhere. This can leave your house in ruins, but it can also shatter any sort of patience you once had. If the human tornado is a daily […]

Start Now With Back to School to Prepare Kids for Academic Success

School will be starting again before you know it, and kids who struggle academically need help learning life skills they need to overcome test anxiety and make good grades in the new school year. It’s a well-known fact that students lose an average of two months’ worth of instruction over the summer, forcing teachers to […]