5 Things To Do To Get Your Teen Ready For Their Driver’s License

Helping your child get ready for their driving test can be nerve-wracking for the child and frustrating for the parent. On the one hand, the parent wants to be able to get the child ready for the test, and on the other hand, the child simply wants to get the test over with. Whether the […]

Winter Driving Tips for Parents of Teens

Well Heroes, it has been a winter so far this year, that’s for sure. Around here, the snow is piling up something awful. That makes for some dangerous driving conditions, especially for young drivers. Since we have 2 young drivers in the house, I was pleased to get the chance to interview some experts from […]

You May Now Call Me a Mother Hen

Apparently our little chickies are operating on a different calendar than me. Based on when we put the eggs into the incubator, they should have hatched last Thursday. Allowing for 2 days beyond that, Saturday was the last day that we could consider them viable and expect any babies. I had completely given up and […]