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So, here it is. My first post on the blog. It’s a bit nerve-wracking, to be honest. I’ve thought about having a blog for quite some time, great titles and things to write about have run through my mind during the day. And now here we are. Writing the first post. And I blank completely. Lol.

Well, let me tell ya’ll what some of the things I’ll be thinking and writing about. Maybe that will get me over the writer’s block. The following is not an exhaustive list (nor is it in any particular order) but it’ll give a general idea of things I’m interested in or even passionate about.

  • parenting (a little too obvious, yes? oh well.)
  • home schooling
  • getting closer to God
  • organizing
  • home making and cooking
  • raising boys

So, that’s it. I’ve begun. Glad you’ve decided to join the fun.

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