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Still here, and have actually been working a lot on the site. You just can’t see me. 😀 Perhaps I should contact the Fantastic 4.

Well, today is a big day. TechnoBoy and The Mercenary finished their last grammar activity for the year. Thus far, we have finished off spelling, phonics, math, grammar, handwriting, and ummmmmm. Hmmm. What else did we do this year? Oh. Maybe that’s it. We still have some science to finish, and I want them to keep doing their typing lessons. That’s basically a computer game anyhow. I am sooooooooo glad we’re done with the formal stuff. We’re all tremendously sick of it and want a break. Phew!

Just a few more days of science experiments and I’m declaring 3rd grade complete. Woohoo! This is the first time we’ve finished every bit of every subject we tackled. OH! History! That was the other subject we finished. In first grade we got through about half the book, and in second grade we did about two thirds. Now in third grade, we’ve finished the whole thing. I’m very pleased. (for those of you worried that they’re missing something, it’s okay. 🙂 We’re following the Trivium more or less with schooling, and will revisit those unfinished history sections 2 more times before graduation).

Well, the weather has cooled down here thanks to a lovely cold front that moved on through. It’s a good 20 degrees cooler than yesterday so I’m off to get something accomplished outside.

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