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Was looking through my old e-mails because I’ve sent out funny boy stories to pals before. Here’s one from 2005 that made me smile:

Little boys have been making me laugh lately. Just now, I came in from dragging the trash to the street to find a pair of 3yos bawling so loud they couldn’t hear me ask what was wrong. Once they located me, I still couldn’t understand, so I went to ask the 7yos. Turns out the 3yos were trying to take the big boys’ boxes of Legos out to stand on and the 7yos stopped them. More wailing took place until they made me understand they were trying to get their bug. I finally
understood when they pointed to the ladybug sitting on the top of their door frame, just out of reach. I got it down for them. They are now trying to tuck the bug into a pillow and blanket, but it’s not cooperating.

Another favorite: baboom. Pronounced “BAH-boom”, in reference to one’s¬†derriere. Usage: “D-drew hit my baboom!”

And yesterday on the way home from the doctor, one 3yo kept saying something about his comic. I didn’t think he knew what a comic book was, so I kept asking him what he was talking about. Finally in exasperation he said “my ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-comic!!!” Oh!!! Your stomach! I get it. Turns out he wanted me to understand that his batteries in his stomach¬†had run out and he needed new ones. Not to worry, Burger King was close by.

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