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I spent the last hour or so writing my most recent post on parenting.  This caused me to be tired. Especially since I wrote it sitting on my incredibly (old) soft and comfy couch.  So I closed my eyes and snoozed here in the living room for just a few minutes.   While I was writing I instructed a very grumpy Captain Earthquake to take a bath.  That went quite well overall, and after I finished snoozing and doing a little reading I went into the bathroom to turn on the shower and make sure soap and/or shampoo was applied to his entire body.

During the snooze phase of my afternoon, the Manager kept interrupting me to ask questions or make announcements, and I have to admit that I was becoming less patient with him.  Lol.  I managed not to sound impatient, and when he reminded me that I was well past my 3 minutes of reading (I’d moved on to reading one of my favorite blogs) for the second time (now you know where he got HIS nickname) I decided I’d better get my lazy self up and moving.

The Captain was pleased to demonstrate some swimming techniques in the bathtub, so we swam an imaginary race across the lake and back while the water drained.   Then I turned on the shower and started helping him wash.  I kept hearing The Manager chattering on in the background, and it sounded like he was hollering from a distance at me.  I couldn’t make out all the words, but at one point I coulda sworn he said something about toilet paper.  I hollered back that I was in the bathroom with the Captain and that I couldn’t hear him.

Several minutes later, I was drying off the Captain when The Manager showed up.  Still chattering.  Seriously, MotorMouth was a close second for him when we were coming up with nicknames.   I asked him what he’d wanted, but by then he couldn’t remember.  I finished up getting the Captain dried and dressed, then told The Manager it was his turn to bathe.

There was a wet towel on the floor, so I picked that and the used washcloth up to take down to the hamper in my closet.   That was when I heard the voice.

Shouting.  From my bathroom.


It was TechnoBoy.  Poor kid had gone to use my bathroom since we were in the other one and run out of, ummm, necessary supplies.  Apparently he’d been hollering for help all that time.  I did hurry to solve the problem.

But I laughed the whole way.

Guess I should have listened more closely to the chatter.

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