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Last week one evening we had a lot of people over so Hubby extended our dining
room table out with all the leaves. It’s not how we usually have it but I
just haven’t bothered to take it all back down.

A little while ago either the Manager or Captain Earthquake stood up near it and bumped his ear. After tears had subsided, the 2 boys held court to determine what happened and how.

While they were at it, they went ahead with the accusation, trial, and sentencing. First the victim returned to the scene and acted out the events in question. His brother then examined the table and noticed that someone had extended the leaves, thus causing the problem. A short discussion later and Grandpa (my father-in-law) was officially accused. It only took another 30 seconds of deliberations to confirm his crime, and the jury then quickly reached consensus that Grandpa needs to sit in the naughty spot.

So we called him right up to tell him all about it.

Lol. 3 year olds are too much fun.

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Image courtesy of SalFalko via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.