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It went down the wrong end. Captain Earthquake, explaining a coughing fit during lunch.

Do I need to rev it up? The Mercenary, taking a photo with the digital camera after getting used to the 35mm.

HHhhhhAAAAaaaaaaa! TechnoBoy, coming up out of the water after swimming the length of the pool only to discover that I’d followed along beside him to give some pointers on his technique. (What makes this especially hilarious for me-I totally laughed my head off-is that this is the boy who is ALWAYS trying to spook his brothers, and I got him by accident. I apologized. After I caught my breath.)

Hey! They have a juice box here!!! The Mercenary, walking into a restaurant with a diner theme and encountering a juke box.

They have the whole moon in this town. The Manager, observing the night sky in Washington DC.

Screamin Green!!! Captain Earthquake, when asked what his last name was in a question game with his big brothers.

I’m hugging the water. The Manager, upon leaving the hotel pool for the last time before heading home.

Wanna drive to Florida???!!??? Hubby’s first question to the boys when we got home.

NO!!!!! Their response.

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