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I haven’t written much about the realities of being a mother of twins.  Perhaps because so many others have already had much to say on the subject.  If you’re the parent of multiples, people tend to say very similar things when they find out.  Many are annoyed by this; I really don’t mind it nor do I find it insulting.

Perhaps I don’t say much about the twin thing because I don’t know what it’s like to have a single child.  Twins are all I know, so I have no point of comparison.

There are a few things I have noticed them do that seem to be unique to twins.

  • I’ve never been called “My Mom”.  Ever.  I’m always “Our Mom”.  Doesn’t matter who they’re talking to; it could even be Hubby.  I am “Our Mom”.
  • They can be hyper-competitive.  It may be a combination of ‘boy’ and ‘twin’ essence.  The Mercenary can be brought to tears just by the idea that TechnoBoy is working ahead of him on a spelling assignment.
  • For some reason, I am frequently called to task over whether or not I’m being fair.  Some days, it happens dozens of times.   I know that all parents deal with this phenomenon.  In my case, fair means exactly the same with no deviation whatsoever, regardless of reality or individual differences between boys.  This one drives me the craziest.

So, why did I make this list?  No reason, really.  🙂  Just random observations from my tired and somewhat cluttered brain.  Have a pleasant evening, friends.  I’ll talk more tomorrow.

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