The Mystery of Twin Speech

Everyone loves twins. The concept of twins still fascinates most people; the idea of two human beings born that look alike and have the same DNA. There are common false beliefs that twins share the same finger print or that they can read each other’s mind, but there is an idea that is little more […]

Verbal Fireworks

I’ve been noticing lately the power of words, especially the spoken word. All 4 boys are demonstrating an ability to seriously get under each others’ skin, just by using their words. Having 2 sets of twins can make for some fascinating interactions. We have a couple of competing dynamics: children who’ve lived their lives with […]

3 Things I’ve Noticed About Twins

I haven’t written much about the realities of being a mother of twins.  Perhaps because so many others have already had much to say on the subject.  If you’re the parent of multiples, people tend to say very similar things when they find out.  Many are annoyed by this; I really don’t mind it nor […]