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After a looooong day that included drama, tears, grumpiness, a smashed cabinet and dented wall I was ready for boys to go to bed.  Hubby handled most of the bedtime routine while I was painting downstairs.  I got called up for prayer time, hugged the boys goodnight, then headed back down to finish my task.

That’s when I heard a little voice coming down the stairs.  “Mama?  Can I come hug you?  I didn’t get to hug you.”  The patter of feet on the steps preceded his appearance.  “Mama, I have my p-jammys on.  And I didn’t get to hug you.”

He was wearing a t-shirt about 4 sizes too big (hand-me-downs are currently all the rage with the younger set).  The oversized shirt was complimented by a pair of pajama bottoms I got him for Christmas.  Those are large on him too, so his hands were full of fabric as he hitched up the pants and hugged the shirt to himself as he scampered across the cold concrete floor to me.

I crouched down to his level and got rewarded with a giant bear hug.  Then he grabbed my face and turned my head to just the right angle for a kiss on the cheek before Hubby called out for him to hit the hay.   I got a big beaming smile from him as he hollered “OKAY DAD!!!!” and bounced back up the stairs.


He’s so dang cute.

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