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Well, the deadline has passed for the contest so we had the official drawing this morning. Note to self: rethink setting deadlines at midnight because the rest of the family has gone to sleep by then and would have missed out on the fun.
bowl with slips of paper in it This morning, I wrote all the names down on slips of paper and put them in our official drawing bowl. The boys were mystified, especially when I set the bowl out and photographed it.Turns out they’ve not seen a drawing up close and personal before. Next, we tried shaking the bowl to mix up the names. At least we didn’t end up with names all over….
hand shaking bowl of papers We finally gave up and had the helper just stir the names vigorously. Much better.Finally, after much fumbling with the camera and a delay while the autofocus shut down some minor technical difficulty we drew the winning name.
Angie's name drawn as winner Congratulations Angie of AngiesPangies!! You are our winner! Send me an e-mail to confirm your address and I’ll get the book ordered and on its way to you.

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