Keep Kids Safe Around Water With iSwimBand (Give away below)

I’ve been waiting a long time to review this device, Heroes. It’s the iSwimBand and it can warn parents if a child is in danger in the water. Created by Aquatic Safety Concepts, this app and corresponding sensor are really impressive. There are 2 different applications for this iOS device (the Android version is in […]

Lullaby Light Up Pillows Soothe, Entertain (Give Away!)

Heroes, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times: I love doing giveaways. I just do! And this one is terrific. The Lullaby Light Up Pillow was created by founder Gregory Sung. Each pillow has both music and LED lighting that can help your child transition into sleep at night. I […]

Win $15 of Entertainment from Big Fish Games

Heroes, I have a small confession: I really enjoy playing computer games. I play a few of the big ones you can find on Facebook, and have enjoyed one of the major role-playing games for several years. Not that I get much time to play that one really. The social media games are handy because […]

Soothe Young Ones to Sleep with Piano Lullabies (Give Away)

Heroes, I have long been a die-hard fan of the piano. Granted, I wasn’t quite as fond when I was struggling to learn to play it. Lessons, practice…my heart didn’t go pitty pat for it. But I’ve always loved the piano. Listening to the piano though, that’s something I can do for hours upon hours. […]

Organic Cotton Sweater Baby Blanket Give Away!

Heroes, I was super excited when I was contacted by the good folks at and they suggested I could give away an item from their site. After a few minutes of perusing the site, it was very clear that choosing one was going to be very difficult. They’re all so beautiful. The problem was […]

Celebrate the Joy of Thank You with Merci Chocolates

I was blessed to get to participate in a thankfulness campaign with Merci Chocolates last spring, and even more blessed to do it again this year! What can I say…they have amazing chocolates, and being thankful is one of the highest priorities I think any of us can have in life. Things I am thankful […]