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All the boys playing together nicely: today’s big event was dumping a huge barrel of plastic balls down the stairs and laughing at the thunderous noise.

Naomi’s post on a certain reality of life as a pregnant mom (sorry, post no longer is published).

The Manager effecting a truly SPECTACULAR belly flop in the middle of the store today. I have no idea what caused the fall, but it was so hilarious that I couldn’t help laughing. Poor kid. I’ll add that the the list of reasons he’ll need therapy someday. After a quick cry and some hugs all was well.

Captain Earthquake, noticing that I’d closed out a computer program he wanted open: “I still love you, but I wanted to leave that on, Mom.”

Hubby, realizing that he’s going to sorely miss the boys while they’re visiting the in-laws for a few days.

Everyone giggling over the odor when the Captain, ahem, passed air during bedtime prayer.

TechnoBoy and The Mercenary hooking the balloons they got at the store tonight to a small cup and using the contraption to send us love notes after bedtime.

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