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So, at bedtime last night I brought Hubby’s attention to the state of the floor around the dinner table. It. Was. Horrendous. Raisins, cereal, popcorn, crumbs, legos, etc. etc. etc.


I usually vacuum it every other day, and if I catch a boy helping with mess creation detail I request his assistance with cleaning. But I’ve had too many things running through my head lately and haven’t had the concentration to follow up on the floor. So it got pretty bad.

Hubby suggested I wait until morning and have the boys pick up the larger pieces by hand. But I just couldn’t stand it and hauled out the vacuum forthwith.

Wanna know the reason I couldn’t stand the mess? I’ve probably been watching too many crime shows on TV lately. Finally confessed to Hubby last night: I keep thinking “What if a crime is committed and the crime scene investigation people have to come through and investigate a messy house?”

I thought for SURE he’d suggest gently that I should cut down on the Law and Order reruns, but he surprised me by saying, “Well, that’s not as bad as (name removed to protect the innocent), who wanted her house clean in case anybody broke in.”

Apparently, I’m in good company. 🙂

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