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The Mercenary: Mom, where was that place we went…the one where we saw the beavers working and we were petting the sting rays?
Me: Well, that was two different places honey. The beavers were at the museum in Virginia, and the sting rays were more local.
TM: Virginia? We saw the beavers on vacation?
Me: Yep.
TM: Awwww.
TM: How long would it take to drive to Virginia again?
Me: Roughly 2 days.
TM: Two days? Really? How long would it take to fly?
Me: Hm. Couple hours probly. I’m not sure.
TM: Wasn’t someone with us when we were at that zoo?
Me: My friend Michelle and her boys were with us when we saw the sting rays. But no one was with us when we were in Virginia.
TM: Really?? I thought for sure someone was with us that time.
(another pause)
TM: What about Dad? Wasn’t he with us when we were in Virginia?
Me: Yes, that’s true. Dad was with us at that museum.
TM: (hugely relieved) Oh, good! I didn’t want him to miss that.

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