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Ahhhhh, March is finally here! As I write this, the sun is shining and the sky is BLUE! Blue, I tell you! We’ve had so many gray and gloomy days. February is for me the most difficult month of the year. I’ve heard other comments about March being the worst because of the melting snow and mud. I’ll take mud and sunshine over gray gloomy snow any day. Even rainy days that reveal the brown earth (with streaks of green!) are better in my humble opinion.

March is when we can start thinking about finishing up the school year-granted, there are a few months left but at least the end is in sight. The seed catalogs that have been trickling in start to flood the mailbox instead. Plans for flower beds, trips to get mulch, even weeding start to form in my brain. Easter will be here in March this year, with all the pretty colors that I don’t usually get to enjoy. Life with boys means we’re pretty scant with pastel colors around here.

March is also when I can get more excited about organizing projects. It just feels better to straighten things and dig into projects when it’s bright and cheery outside. Winter toys will be put away soon, and summer adventures aren’t far away. Yesterday Captain Earthquake (shopping with his dad and brothers) decided that he MUST have a new bike and he just HAPPENED to find the PERFECT Diego bike ready and waiting. Right there. Waiting. To be bought.

Don’t tell the boys (and I can get away with this because they don’t read my blog posts. Yet.), but I bought them all bikes at the big pre-Christmas sales. The plan is to give them as Easter gifts in 2 weeks. Of course, I didn’t buy a Diego bike, and I’m thinking this may cause a teensy bit of conflict. I’ve decided they can live with it.

Today, the Captain wanted me to dig out his inflatable swim ring….I’m guessing so he can wear it with his winter coat and boots. It is, after all, below freezing outside. What better choice of toy than your plastic inflatable swim ring in the freezing cold? I guess that blue sky and streaky ground is getting him all revved up too.

Of course, all of this only applies to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. For those of you just finishing summer and looking to fall/winter, what is it like in March?

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