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On a more uplifting note, the following cute boy stories happened this week.

1. After the whole “drink your milk” argument yesterday I was giving the Captain hugs and kisses. When I thought he’d been sufficiently loved and affected I suggested that I should go kiss another boy somewhere. I asked him who I should go kiss next and his eyes danced while he thought about it and then chirped, “ME!!!”

2. The “I love you” War. Went like this:
Captain Earthquake: I love you!
Me: I love you too!!
CE: I love you a million!
Me: I love you a billion!
CE: I love you a trillion!
Me: I love you a quadrillion!
CE: I love you as much as you love me!!!

He wins.

3. I was super tired Thursday afternoon and sat down on the couch just to rest. Then I fell asleep. I woke up slightly when The Mercenary brought his softest most favoritest blanket and covered me up.

4. While eating out last night all the boys started demonstrating amazing talents at the table. TechnoBoy can wiggle his ears and flare his nostrils. Captain Earthquake had a similar nostril flaring ability. The Manager and The Mercenary couldn’t quite pull off either one, but were practicing various grimaces and everyone started giggling at everyone else.

5. We bought kites for the boys and discovered later that what I’d gotten for the younger boys wasn’t kites but rather gliders. After a brief frown, each one of them went out and had a great time with their toys anyways. I even got thanked later on.

6. While shopping for shoes, each boy picked out a pair he liked which was a great price and available in his size. Woohoo for successful shopping!

7. The younger boys have outgrown their bikes and I offered them to a friend at church. When the older ones found out they insisted that we get them in tip-top shape before handing off.

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