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Well, it’s official. I’ve been a mother for ten years now.



It’s difficult to wrap my mind around that, and yet I know the next ten years will go even faster. I see parents of teens around the neighborhood and wonder if they’re enjoying their kids to the fullest. Are they aware of how quickly time is passing? I find myself even more resolved to build close relationships with the boys so that when they’re far away physically we’ll still be tied with heartstrings.

So how about you? Is the time just flying with your children, or is it crawling? What can you do about that?

And while you’re here, how about wishing the boys a happy birthday? They’re about to go to the dentist shortly and they’re a little irritated with me for scheduling such a mundane thing on such a special day. Whoops. I wasn’t paying attention to the date. Perhaps enough good wishes will get me out of the doghouse. 🙂

Earnest Parenting: help a mom out, wish them a happy birthday, won’t you?

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