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For those of you readers who happen to have an American Express card, today is the last day to vote in the 2008 Members Project.

It started back in July with project nominations, and the top 25 were announced on September 9. I was contacted by Chessia Kelly of the International Medical Corps. Her organization is currently number 5 on the list, and if they maintain that or improve that, they can move on to the final stage. Winners can receive up to $1.5 million for their project. The International Medical Corps provides shelf-stable, ready-to-eat, nutritious food supplements for children suffering from undernourishment and starvation.

If you’re a card-member, you can vote for the organization of your choice. All 25 are listed on the page I linked to above, and you can learn more about all of them there. Non-card-members (such as myself) cannot vote, but we can pass on information about the contest and get involved on the discussion boards.

I’m not tremendously fond of credit card companies, but sending that much money to worthwhile projects seems like a good thing.