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Sooooo, today was a rather trying day. Not horrible, or even bad. Just trying. By the end of it I was very ready for boys to just. be. quiet. Thank you.

Hubby was kind enough to supervise bedtime routine. I showed up for prayers, then retreated to the bedroom to play a mindless computer game for a while.

Saving energy has been a goal lately so there were no lights on in the room other than the computer monitor. When I finished playing, I naturally turned off the monitor (saving energy, dontcha know) and turned to leave the room.

My room. In the dark. A room with which I was very familiar.

I hadn’t noticed that certain less-than-wise individuals who happen to be under the age of 12 had moved a chair directly into the path from my chair to the door. It took me all of two seconds to slam my foot into the leg of the chair. Shocked by both the surprise and the sudden pain in my toes I almost fell over.

You’ll be happy to know that I didn’t land on my knees in the dark. Instead I pitched forward (holding my popcorn bowl in my hand by the way) and broke my own fall….with my head.

Yes, Internets, I slammed my toe into the chair leg and completed the operation by whacking my head on the back of it.

I don’t think I spilled any popcorn though.

Hubby laughed hysterically at me when I shared my tale of woe. My toe still hurts thankyouverymuch, and I had to take some Advil for my head.

Is there no sympathy for poor victimized mothers in this world??

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