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Welcome to February! Have I mentioned how much I love February? Well, that’s because I don’t. Ugh. Shortest month of the year, but it feels like the longest.

I’m trying a more positive approach this year with my post over at GNMParents (now ForeverParenting) on 28 Ways to Survive February. Got any additional ideas?

Also! I’m pleased to announce that there is officially a Contact page on this site. So if you want to nominate anyone for the Heroes In Parenting (HIP) awards, there’s an easy way to do so.

The next edition of the HIP awards will be out soon. It’s really great being able to go out and find encouraging and uplifting stories to bring back and share with you. It may just be the gloomy weather, but I find that discouragement comes more easily these days. Surrounding myself with positives helps. That work for anyone else?

In the spirit of being more encouraging, I thought it would be neat to add a section in my sidebar with other wonderful items from around the web. I’ll be working on that this week. And oh! Another new feature on the site is Snap Shots previews. Any link to another site will have a tiny Snap icon next to it. If you mouse over the link a preview window pops up. How cool is that?

So, lots of new things to look forward to. Should be an exciting week!

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