Ode to a Jacket

Poor jacket.

You spent the days alone.

Left behind.


All the other jackets were gone without you, sliding down hills, going on adventures with Grandma and Grandpa, leaving you behind.

It was a quiet 3 days.

I felt sorry for you.

Hanging there.

All alone.

Maybe on the next trip, you’ll be chosen.

Poor jacket.

Earnest Parenting: help for lonely jackets.

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6 Responses to “Ode to a Jacket”

  1. freeaffiliate says:

    nice for alone jacket ha..nice bro

  2. Oh,that jacket seems to be alone.Yes, I think you should use it in your next trip.^_^

  3. springs says:

    Nice and well described about the feelings of a jacket. But this Jacket should not forget those times as well when this one had great time.

  4. selena says:

    Nice feelings indicating over here for the jacket. It seems really very alone.

  5. wow!! awesome poem!

    oooh…i quite fancy having that jacket too!! Smile

  6. Amy says:

    🙂 Thanks everyone. The boys spent a couple of days with their grandparents and that poor coat got left here. It’s Michigan so we have a lot of coats. I was so struck by the image of it hanging there alone in my too quiet house that I thought you’d appreciate my attempt at humor.

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