Parenting in the Media: Don’t Teach Values!
No, Do!!!

One of the things I try to do is keep an eye on parenting news around the world. I’ve been paying a little more attention since I started working on the Inspiration section over there in the sidebar. (Do you like it? I’ve been adding a new headline every few days.) Sunday night the following two stories caught my attention. Both were published in the United Kingdom:

Parents told: avoid morality in sex lessons

The story at titled Children Out Late Unacceptable is unfortunately no longer available.

In each story, the government (or a representative thereof) is sending a strong message to UK parents. On the one hand, parents are to “avoid trying to convince their teenage children of the difference between right and wrong when talking to them about sex”; on the other hand, “not knowing where your child is at night or allowing them to stay out late on their own is unacceptable”.

Um. Does anyone else think this is just a little bit….off?

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who want to stick to standards.

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16 Responses to “Parenting in the Media: Don’t Teach Values!
No, Do!!!”

  1. building office in makati says:

    Yeah, sometimes what the child sees, they used to imitate it. So its better to show good manners and right conduct in action not it words.

  2. As long as the real live parent and not some TV program teaches and educates the child, the child should be better off. Real love and care is better!

  3. francesca says:

    The part about the sex talk is a little bit off. Well I hope they defined well what a kid is. If their above 18, I don’t think they would not understand what’s good and bad about intercourse. Pre-marital sex has been rampant nowadays and even with people preaching about morality we still get a lot of teenagers getting knocked up. So I think, we don’t have to conceal anything. Reality can be a good eye-opener to them.

  4. Soma says:

    Well, they said that corruption start in the family so better to tech a child right or wrong because there attitude will stay until they turn adult.

  5. budi says:

    it is very important blog for parents to know.

  6. internet sms says:

    Well my father never teach me what is wrong and what is right but they always keep an eye on me and they never treated me like I am kid.

    They always encouraged me to take your own decision and if you need any kind of help than I am always here to help you.

    I think such kind of confidence and support will make you more responsible and you will be able to learn what is right and what is wrong yourself.

    Your this blog once again remind me about my father and I think every parents who have mis coception should come to your blog.

  7. KD says:

    This is crazy! It’s like focusing on a speck, while ignoring a plank!

    We are trying to instill Biblical values in our daughter now, while she is still young and growing up. We want her to be able to judge for herself, as she gets older, what is the right or wrong thing to do, and understand the consequences. (Both immediate and in the future.) Trying to take the Bible and God out of important decisions is just silly. Don’t you always want to go to experts for advice? Who knows us and how we are meant to work the best – God! We should consult His word and show our children where God’s word speaks on this, and the consequences. Current medical information on the risks and statistics (that haven’t been skewed to affirm a particular view) will only reinforce why the Bible teaches sex outside of marriage is bad.

  8. Yeah, I definitely agree. Much better if we do it in action rather than in words.

  9. Let the parents some little time to their children to have some bonding and fun.
    They must be taught personally and let them realize the real life situation. πŸ™‚

  10. Amy says:

    building office in makati, I agree. However in the one article the people are saying parents can’t directly set that good example. I don’t see how that is helpful.

    new comforters: agreed. That’s a scary thought…all children learning values long distance like that.

    francesca good points. In my experience, kids want their parents to set limits and tell them what’s right and wrong. That structure provides safety and a framework for them to use until they mature enough to make up their own minds.

    Soma: amen.

    budi: yup. and thanks.

    internet sms It sounds like you have a great relationship with your father! That’s wonderful. That kind of respect does indeed yield great things. I’m so glad you took a moment to share your story.

    KD yea it bugged me too. πŸ™‚

    Doing business in the Philippines, absolutely. Action is so very important. Words are too, which is why I don’t understand the “don’t discuss values with your kids” thing.

    Ligoy na Bata, well said and nice to have you here. πŸ™‚

  11. Baby Diaper Cake says:

    I think if we are spending quality time with our kids and teaching them right from wrong and good values then they will make the right decisions when they need to.

  12. rent office space makati says:

    I like your blog, good attitude learned first at home.

  13. yeah, it is the responsibility of the parents to be the model of their children.. whatever the children sees on their parents, they act also like them and think that it is good.. Home is the institution for building the attitude of a child, we must look forward to this.. nice blog.. thanks for sharing..

  14. Amy says:

    Baby Diaper Cake that’s what I think as well. Each of us has our own set of values that we want to transmit to our children; it’s only natural. Why on earth it would be a good idea to discourage that is beyond me.

    rent office space makati: thanks. πŸ™‚

    doing business in the Philippines: amen to that!

  15. Sunny says:

    I wonder how I’m going to be with my kids. When I was growing up, I had to be home at 12. My brother on the other hand could stay out til morning. πŸ™

  16. Amy says:

    Sunny, wow that’s quite a different standard. If it makes you feel better, my curfew was 10 on school nights and 11 on weekends.

    What do you plan to do with your kids regarding curfew when they’re older?

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