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Hubby had some dental work this afternoon and came home with a very sore mouth. The boys were just delighted to see him so early in the day; he’s been working late a lot and they miss him. We were still working on lessons, so Hubby flopped on the couch while the younger boys and I finished up math.

Captain Earthquake eyed his father, then leaned over to me and whispered, “Can I go get Daddy something?” Touched by the sweetness of his request I said, “Of course.”

While he was gone, I thought warm thoughts about how sweet my boy is and how wonderful it is that he had compassion for his poor suffering father. He returned shortly….

Carrying a toy basketball which he handed to his very puzzled father. I got Hubby’s attention and said, “He’s giving you that so you feel better.”

“Ohhh,” said Hubby, “Thank you.” And he hugged the Captain.

That’s when I said, “Because everyone knows that a toy basketball helps you feel better when you’re sick.”

And Captain Earthquake said, “It does???”

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Image courtesy of Ma1974 via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.