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You didn’t think I’d abandoned the HIP project, did you? Of course not! I love all things HIP. I just have been a little, ummmmm, unfocused of late. But! Better now, and happy to be working on my latest HIP list.

Also. I’ve been thinking about how to continually feature HIP awardees here on the site, and I have some thoughts. More to come on that one.

And, without further ado, here is the list.

Jennifer of My Charming Kids has been in the hospital all week with her beautiful 4 month old son Stellan. If you’re familiar with the story at all, Stellan was diagnosed with incredible heart problems in utero, then was born miraculously healthy. After bout of RSV last winter he was doing fine, then suddenly started having heart trouble again. Through all of this, Jennifer has shared her faith and her concerns, the ups and the downs. Yet she hasn’t given up. What a beautiful testimony. And if you’re the praying type, Stellan and his family could use your support.

Mrs. Schmitty from It’s a Schmitty Life came up with a brilliant plan to get her kids to keep the house picked up. I’m telling you, a choir of heavenly angels sang in the background when I read her twist on an old idea. If my no screens till it’s clean policy ever fails, I’ll be using this as backup.

Suzanne Broughton from The Mom Blog at Freedomblogging is busy celebrating the coolness that is her 5 year old son.

Last but not least, this comment from Ana showed up a while ago and I wanted to highlight these two Heroes In Parenting here officially. Allow me to share with you my hero in parenting. Their names are Dante and Luisa, a special friend of our family. At the start of their family they were poor, so poor in fact that they cannot afford to buy an apple. One day her son “joey” ask his mom for an apple and she told him “son, right now now we cannot afford to buy one, but I promise you that one day we will buy as many as you want”.

And with that, my friend Luisa and Dante worked hard and long hours, not wasting any time. They deliver goods to clients far and near sometimes bringing their children with them. Did it pay off? Yes it did! They are now rich and their son joey can eat all the apples he want.

Why are they my heroes? Because like them I want to provide for the needs of my 4 children even if that means sleepless nights and sacrificing a lot. Today, not every parent are responsible, and your idea of highlighting parents -ordinary parents – with exceptional love for their children is a very good idea indeed.

Our new HIP bloggers are invited to take a badge back to their own site if they like. That’s completely optional, of course, as explained in the how it works post.

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